Exceeding our customers expectation is at the heart of our history.

Get More For Less…

It can be a confusing experience to decide which piano or keyboard is right for you. Whether you are an experienced musician or a novice, whether you are buying for yourself or a child, whether your budget is modest or unlimited, we have something for you. Our knowledgeable, professionally trained consultants will guide you through the process of choosing the piano/keyboard that represents the best value for your needs. Our goal is to provide you with the most up to date information that you need to make an educated decision about which instrument is right for you.

Financing Available

Affordable financing plans are available through Vincitore's Hudson Valley Piano Center. These plans allow you to make low monthly payments and take up to eight years to pay. You can choose to pay the loan off early and save on finance charges. Keep in mind that buying a piano is truly an investment. A quality piano purchased twenty years ago has doubled in value! You can have a new baby grand in your living room for a fraction of what a car payment would be AND the piano will last for generations


Why Buy From Us

With over 69 years in the business, we believe service is the most important part of the sale. You get exactly the piano you want at a superb value. Your piano is delivered with meticulous care by experienced, conscientious professionals. And your piano is expertly tuned by the finest ears in the business. We will take the time to come to your home for piano measurements, suggestions, advice on placement and color matching, all as a free service to help you find the best piano for your home.

Throughout our organization, service comes first, last, and always. You can count on us.

We offer our customers more choices to make their decisions far more easy and enjoyable!

When we buy pianos, we buy a lot of pianos. We have purchasing power that allows us substantial volume discounts made available by the manufacturer.

We use these savings in one way only. We pass them on to you. Why? Simply because it makes us one of the most competitive piano retailers in the country. It allows us to sell more pianos than almost anyone else, which allows us to get those manufacturers’ discounts and pass the savings on to you once again.

Everything we sell is guaranteed or warranteed. If the factory or manufacturer doesn’t, we do. Everything you buy from us is supported and protected, often for much longer than any other piano dealer would ever have the ability or the desire to offer.

We have networked with the finest technicians. We pride ourselves in offering a level of competence and professionalism that insures that our customers get the most out of their investment on all new and pre-owned pianos

We recognize that a major contributor to our success is that we just don’t have sales people, we have “piano people.” Our staff understands the search for a piano can be extensive and their love and pride for the instruments we sell assures that every customer is a specific search, unique to their needs and wants

Seven Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Piano

1. Tone - Quite possibly the most important of the seven factors. Individual tastes differ so you want to make sure that find a piano that has a rich and beautiful sound so that you can enjoy it for many years to come.

2. Touch - The way a piano feels is also of great importance. You want to have a nice smooth and fluid action as well as fast repetition with fantastic responsiveness.

3. Tuning Stability - In your average piano there is around 20 tons of tension on the strings so you want to make sure that the piano you choose will hold up and remain in pitch with regular tuning.

4. Beauty - You will be living with this piano for years to come so make sure that it is appealing to you and that the quality of craftsmanship will assure the beauty for the life of the piano.

5. Life - The purchase of a piano is a long term investment so the longevity of the piano is of extreme importance. Make sure to purchase a piano of superior craftsmanship and to keep up with regular maintenance so that you can pass the piano down from generation to generation.

6. Value - No matter what the budget is, we all look for the best value on products in which we purchase. Make sure this is no different when purchasing a piano. You want to assure that the piano you buy will hold up for the long haul and that you will thoroughly enjoy for the years to come.

7. Image - We all want to have the best of the best so when deciding ask yourself and others about the reputation and integrity of the manufactures you are considering. Ask teachers, technicians, and professional musicians which piano would you choose