Owning a quality, accoustic piano has never been more affordable - Vincitore's - Hudson Valley Piano Center makes it easy!

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For as little as a $399, you can get started with a fully serviced and certified acoustic piano!

Why Rent?

Low Initial Start-Up Costs • Build Equity From Day One • Return Option at Any Time • Trade-in Credit Guaranteed

Costs Involved

Vincitore's makes it easy to get started!

Now, for as little as a $399 initial payment (less than the simple moving costs with another piano), you can get started with a fully serviced and certified used piano from a local, family owned dealership in business since 1946.
Initial payment ............................... $399.00
10 monthly payments @ $39.90 ... $399.00
Total Payments ............................ $798.00*
* All payments subject to NYS Sales Tax

Guaranteed Trade

Move the musical experience forward!

At the end of 12 months, you now own the piano. You have an asset. Maybe it's time for an even better, lifetime piano.

Vincitore's, for a period of 60 days after the completion of your contract, will guarantee you a minimum of 75% of your monies paid, toward the purchase of any new Yamaha Clavinova digital piano, or any new Yamaha upright or grand piano.

Incentives & Offers

Take advantage of these included extras:

Vincitore's Rent-to-Own Program takes the worry out of buying a piano. All our pianos are fully serviced, mechanically sound and tuned to standard A-440 pitch. All pianos are re-tuned prior to delivery to your home as part of our dealer prep. Charges for local delivery and first month's rent are also included in your initial $399 payment!

Starter Pianos

Practicality combined with performance.

A starter piano is decribed at Vincitore's as a full keyboard (88-notes), low profile acoustic piano that is fully serviced and tuned, and offers all the touch, feel and tonal dynamics necessary to experience the joys of expression inherent in a fine acoustic instrument.

A starter piano from Vincitore's reflects the most economical approach to fulfilling the basic equipment needs to get started


Designer Console Pianos

Bigger Piano.....Bigger Sound!

A console piano maintains all the advantages of a starter piano, but offers a slightly larger harp (~4"-6" higher), enabling two important advantages:

• Because they are larger, a console can can offer up to 20% more soundboard area and string length.

• A console's Direct Blow Action is faster, more responsive to the touch and offers more dynamic control.



How our Rent-to-Own Program came about...

Amoung the many services Vincitore's offers, local piano moving is one of our most common requests. Recently, we've noticed a significant number of situations where used pianos are being sold on the private market at what seems to be very atractive prices.

However, we discovered that when you add the average cost of moving the piano, local tuning (usually more than one), and general servicing to the initial cost of the piano itself, the total costs often approach as much as $1,000. Even if the piano itself were free, most buyers don't know whether the piano will even hold a tune or is otherwise structurally sound.

Our new Rent-to-Own Program removes all of these anxieties. It gives you choice, options and ease.

Let us show you how to jump start the process with some peace of mind. We've deleoped this program with you in mind.