Link to Learn Piano Club


Whether your learning piano for the first time or you wish to master the features on your new Yamaha piano, to assist you in your music discovery journey we have teamed up with LinkToLearn Music, a Yamaha partnered product support service and much more.

Who Is? LinkToLearn Music, has been creating the industry top marketing tools and product support guides for Yamaha Corporation of America for over 20 years. Today, their online services are proudly presented by Vinictore’s Pianos.

Are You A Beginner? How To Start Off On The Right Note

The “LinkToLearn” Piano Club is the perfect “Beginners” experience for those new to playing the piano. As a member, you’ll gain access to host of learning guides that will assist you in the world of Piano Basics

Our learning guides include: a mix of beginner song sheets, guide to the notes of the keyboard, secrets to reading a music staff, our how to play chord charts, scales charts and much more. In addition, you will receive VIP discounts to our learning guide library, special perks, free song sheets and more.

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