Here’s just a sample of what our customers have to say.

Customer Comments

Here’s just a sample of what our customers have to say:

The old axiom that “self praise is no recommendation” holds true. That’s why we at Vincitore’s – Hudson Valley Piano Center prefer to pass along comments that others have written about us, instead of writing about ourselves.

"We got the piano delivered this morning. I'm very much satisfied with the piano so far. Jon and his brother Michael were great. They kept me informed the whole time where they were and when they could get to my place. Thanks for such a professional service and doing a great business."

"After playing this piano for a few days, I have to tell you how utterly pleased I am that I bought it from you. The sound of this piano is incredible. It plays beautifully and I have been catching my 10 year old on it a lot. It has made me smile. Thanks again. If I find anyone who is looking for any keyboard, I will send them your way…"

“I feel like we have been treated like royalty, even though our purchase wasn’t one of your high dollar transactions. Again, you have made life-long friends in us and we will highly recommend Vincitore's - Hudson Valley Piano Center to our family and friends.”

“Nothing but good things to say about VIncitore's Pianos. I have a lot of trust in their service, warranty, and the sincerity they’ve shown in making sure I’m a satisfied customer.”

“I have known Jon Vincitore, and some of his associates, for over twenty-five years. His understanding of technical rebuilding and piano restoration is, in a word, ‘unparalleled.’ The rebuilding of vintage Steinways at Hudson Valley Piano Center is the finest of any store I’ve ever seen.”

“I continue to be proud to refer anyone interested in pianos regardless of their level of expertise or finances. You provide a scope of service that is seldom seen from one individual in any industry. I commend and thank you once again.”

“As an adult fulfilling a lifelong desire to play the piano, I was incredibly inspired by the best selling book, ‘The Piano Shop on the Left Bank.’ The book opened a whole new world to me. The first time I walked into Vincitore's and found myself amidst the beautifully restored vintage pianos, I felt as if I might be in Paris and that I had discovered a similarly passionate world of piano right here in Poughkeepsie.”

"Jon and Mike allowed us to play the pianos for as long as we wanted and we felt no pressure to buy or get out of the store. Many thanks. I love my new Piano."